Beside other services we offer:

* RADAR and SISCOMEX initial registration, necessary procedures to start on International Business in Brazil;

* NCM (Mercosul Common Nomenclature) analysis for each product;
* Importation licenses, if necessary;
* Analysis about the necessity to have the products certified by an official office in Brazil previously to shipment, example: TOYS;
* Suppliers searching accordingly to the customers specifications;
* Economic viability evaluation to allow the customers be more confident to make the right decision;
* Logistic plan accordingly to the modals:  airway, seaway or terrestrial;
* Ex-Tarifario: This is an importation tariff benefit for some products like machines for goods production and informatic products like mother boards for example. This is an special process which demand around 90 days to get it.
* mportation on behalf of other company, it means you can buy the products and our company will import the goods to you;
* The complete follow up is offered if customers wish.